Client Testimonials

Mr. Thompson was not only extremely knowledgeable with family law and offered the best options for my son’s safety, he also was very compassionate towards me during a very hard time. I was seeking help to modify visitations between my son and his father for safety issues. He was able to get supervised visits with conditions which was a blessing. I have used two other attorneys in the past regarding my two older children and my experience was not good. They took months to return phone calls and we were in and out of court for well over a year. Mr Thompson always kept me in the loop and was able to get our case settled out of court. I live in Houston, Tx and if I need future legal representation I will continue to go to him for help. I have complete confidence in his ability to help get the best outcome for the family accomplished. -(Former Family Law Client)

Carlos was very professional and clearly very dedicated during my complicated pro-bono divorce proceedings. Through a thorny array of service issues, abuse issues, international issues, and child custody issues, Carlos was a consistent comfort to me. While I was very timid and nervous during the process, Carlos answered my concerns with a calming professionalism that I very much needed and appreciated. When my divorce was final, he was by my side. When his services were complete, I thanked him for being an “angel” to me. His convictions and love for his work are abundently obvious. -(Former Family Law Client)

I spent 7 years fighting what I thought was a losing battle in a divorce that should have been fast and easy. My ex husband’s attorney never followed through and I was literally left alone trying to figure out just how to finalize a divorce and no one seemed to be able to help me until Carlos came along. He was amazing, professional and really knew hat he was doing. Even the judge on my case said that Carlos had taught him NEW law and he had been a judge 30 years! The best part about Carlos Salinas is that he actually cares, he takes on cases and puts his whole heart into it and does what is best for you and your family. He is my hero, and a true rockstar in my book and any law firm that has him working with them is sure to do wonderfully. -(Former Family Law Client)

Brittany Sharkey represented me and knocked it out of the park. I am a single father who lives in Indiana, and thought I would get laughed out of Texas when I came for temporary custody of my son. Brittany stood tall for me and did better than I could have ever hoped for. – (Former Family Law Client)