Austin Sex Crimes Lawyer – Date Rape, Sexual Assault, Statutory Rape

Sex crimes are some of the most serious of all criminal charges due to the level of social stigma associated with these offenses. Even if someone isn’t convicted, being accused of a sex crime can be overwhelming. Relationships with friends, family and co-workers can be permanently damaged or destroyed as a result of a mere allegation of a sex offense. Because of the sensitive nature of these cases, it is absolutely critical that you chose the right lawyer.

If you’ve been accused of a sex crime, you face the possibility of a lengthy prison sentence and a life as a registered sex offender. Texas law includes a variety of offenses which are considered sex crimes, including:

• Sexual assault, rape, statutory rape and date rape
• Prostitution
• Indecent exposure and lewd conduct
• Possession of child pornography
• Obscenity
• Failure to register as a sex offender
• Internet sex crimes
• Indecency or sexual assault of a child

You Need a Defense Lawyer with Experience Fighting Charges of Rape, Sexual Assault and Other Sex Crimes

These are serious charges that have the potential to follow you for the rest of your life. You need a lawyer who will make sure the outcome of your case is based on the evidence and the law, not prejudice and emotion.
James McDermott, Austin Sexual Assault Lawyer
James McDermott is an experienced sex offense lawyer, working throughout Central Texas counties, including: Travis County, Williamson County, Hays County, Bastrop County, Comal County, Burnet County, and Caldwell County. He has worked extensively in the rural counties between San Antonio and Corpus Christi, including Bee County (Beeville) and Live Oak County (George West), and in rural southwest Texas, such as Val Verde County (Del Rio), and takes cases throughout the Hill Country, including in Kerr County, Gillespie County, Blanco County, Llano County, and San Saba County.

James is dedicated to defending the rights and image of people charged with sexual assault, rape, sex abuse, and other serious sex charges. He knows how to investigate sex crime allegations to determine the validity of the case and develop the best defense for his clients.

If you have been investigated or charged with a sex offense you need an experienced, knowledgeable attorney in your corner to protect your rights. Contact James McDermott today to discuss your case and schedule a free consultation.

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