International Abduction

Effective advocacy on behalf of a parent whose child has been abducted requires tough lawyering, but a real command of the technical legal issues as well. When dealing with such difficult legal challenges, you do not want an attorney who is learning on the job. Our attorneys have secured the safe return of child being abducted to multiple foreign countries, including Mexico, Guatemala, and Iraq and have even served as consultants for attorneys unfamiliar with the complexities of international abduction cases.

How we can help

An attorney experienced in the international parental child abduction can advise on several steps parents can take to decrease the chances that an intended abduction to a foreign country is completed or secure the return of a child.

  • Restricting the Issuance of U.S. and Foreign Passports. Experienced attorneys can advise on quick out-of-court steps to create barriers to a parent from leaving the country in an international parental child abduction.
  • Filing for Custody. Filing for custody is the most effective legal means to stop an attempted international parental child abduction in progress.
  • Abduction Prevention Measures. A knowledgeable attorney can request and obtain specific orders that reduce the likelihood of an international child abduction.
  • Filing for the Return of an Abducted Child. The Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction (commonly referred to as “The Hague Convention”) provides an avenue for parents to secure the return of a child abducted overseas to another country. The Hague process is wrought with technical challenges that only experienced attorneys can handle.

Our attorneys who possess specific experience preventing international child abductions and securing the return of abducted children through The Hague Convention. Contact us immediately for a free consultation.