Parental Kidnapping

Custody disputes can become highly contentious, and threats of abduction are frequently made. The most recent national study of missing children revealed that over 200,000 children were abducted or kidnapped by family members in the span of a year.

Because there are many myths about Texas law as it relates to parental kidnapping, parents often are forced to hire an attorney to advocate for them. In selecting an attorney, a concerned parent should seek a professional with experience in this area. Parental abduction is no time for learning on the job.

What Can the Attorneys at Thompson Salinas Londergan LLP do for me?

Texas law even provides for protections from abductions when the court finds there is a credible evidence of a threat of international abduction. Types of relief include the following:

  • Supervised visitation
  • Passport restrictions
  • Bond requirements for visitation
  • Requiring a parent to stay away from the child’s school

Acting quickly and obtaining a formal custody order is probably the single most important step any parent can take to ensure that his or her child is not the victim of parental kidnapping.

The attorneys at Thompson Salinas Londergan LLP have years of experience preventing child abductions and securing the return of children who have been kidnapped. Contact us for a free consultation.

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