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Our team of attorneys specialize in aiding you to reach an amicable resolution to your divorce through the Collaborative Law process.

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Collaborative Law:

An Alternative to Traditional Divorce Litigation

Collaborative law provides a confidential process that helps spouses find a fair, out-of-court resolution to their divorce. It provides an alternative to the traditional litigation model of divorce resolution.

A collaborative divorce differs in several ways from a litigated divorce. First, both parties agree at the outset that they will participate in the collaborative process. The parties and their lawyers agree in writing that they will strive to settle their divorce without contested court hearings. Another unique feature of the collaborative process is jointly hiring experts to help resolve the case. In a litigated divorce, the parties can often end up with “dueling experts” that increase the cost and level of disagreement in a case.

During the collaborative process the spouses, attorneys, and experts meet jointly to discuss and amicably resolve the issues surrounding the divorce. The attorneys provide advice and counsel on legal claims and possible resolutions. The experts serve the role of creating options for each spouse to consider.

divorce attorney Austin, TX
divorce lawyer Austin, TX

Amicable Divorce Solutions

If you seek an amicable divorce, collaborative divorce offers many benefits including:

Visitation Agreements

Couples create the best custody and visitation arrangement for their children. Where as in a litigated divorce, the judge – a total stranger – makes the choice for them.

Fair Assessment for both Parties

Spouses can consult with experts about an array of outcomes they feel are fair to both parties and best for each.

Emotional Protection for Children

Spares children the pain of witnessing increased animosity between parents arising in a litigated divorce.

Lower Cost

Utilizing one expert, prevents doubling the cost of two competing experts with multiple reports.


Spouses preserve their privacy by avoiding testifying in an open courtroom

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