Whether you have a difficult custody case or a simple divorce, our team of attorneys can help prepare your case for mediation. The mediation setting provides an excellent way to reach an amicable resolution without going to court.

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The Mediation Process Explained

Mediation is an important part of almost every divorce and custody case. Texas law encourages parties in a divorce or custody case to participate in the process. [*Divorce page]. In a mediation, the parties and their attorneys hire a neutral third-party mediator to assist them with reaching an agreement. The mediator relays settlement offers between the parties and oftentimes offers creative solutions to hurdles that are preventing a settlement. Mediation usually occurs over the course of an entire day, and, if successful, results in a written settlement agreement. The settlement agreement is automatically effective and resolves the divorce or custody case.

divorce attorney Austin, TX
divorce lawyer Austin, TX

Our attorneys have experience helping clients prepare for mediation and guiding them through the process. This includes advocating for our clients through the negotiations and generating ideas that will resolve disputes.

The Benefits of Mediation

Mediation offers many advantages over litigated divorce. Mediation is a confidential process, which means that the parties avoid public testimony in a courtroom. Mediation gives parties total control over the outcome of their case; the mediator and the lawyers cannot force either spouse to sign an agreement. Mediation allows creative solutions to custody and property issues that a judge may not be able to order. Mediation can be more cost effective than going to trial.

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